Our monthly auctions are up and running on the and giving people a chance to bid on some incredible items. Over the past few months the auction has really gained momentum and the funds raised enable us to continue our work.

Money raised so far has helped us to continue funding:

1. Pet Care Bank – helping those struggling with rising pet costs

2. The Perrera Pot – supporting other rescues with unexpected bills

3. Increased support to our fosterers 4. Rehabilitation placement for Mallow

We get everything from dog treat bundles, to Amazon Echos and dreamcatchers… so something for everyone!

Head on over to our Auction Facebook page to get involved!!

Our auctions always begin on the first full weekend of each month and run for a week.

We are all struggling at the moment, but we know how many of you want to help all the dogs in need! So to help out we have put together a little fundraising pack with lots of great ideas to raise lots of money!