We appeal for fosterers all the time and unfortunately get very little response from it 🙁

We love every foster dog that comes into our homes. Fostering is completely different to adoption. It’s NOT my dog, I’m not trying to settle it in and if my 5 year old can understand that the dog he loved for 8 months is going to a home that is perfect FOR HER then we did a good job. (Wendy June 2018-March 2019)

We are in high demand and really need some new fosterers in order to bring more dogs from the shelter. If you could open your home and your heart to help a rescue dog find their forever home please fill in the form below or email us at perreradogsuk2019@gmail.com

Have you got?

🟣 time and patience

🟣 space to allow slow introduction to resident pets and children

🟣 a secure private garden

You will get:

🟠 full support from our team of experts

🟠 a foster pack with leads and tags

🟠 all vet bills are paid by the charity

🟠 full instructions on integration and lead training

🟠 fulfilment when you hand the dog over to their PERFECT family 🥰

❤ You also get to hang out with the Perrera crew who are cool AS!


This week at Perrera…

This week the team have :

In the last week the team have :

🟢Received 5 applications to adopt/foster

🟢completed 1 homechecks

🟢We have 13 dogs in foster / kennels that are currently up for adoption.

Unfortunately you may have seen that Teacakes adoption fell through and he is now looking for his forever home again, please share for him 💚

The radiant Rubix is out of kennels and off to foster with Auntie Polly! Once he has had time to decompress we will assess him and start looking for his perfect home.

So you may have seen a couple of weeks ago that one of our amazing adopters passed away leaving his beautiful boy Papa who is now back in foster. 💔 He also left 4 cats who were still at his home. The amazing member of the admin team , Georgia, had been visiting him in hospital and has taken it upon herself to find homes for all of the cats, so far she has managed to find and re home 3 of them and one is still very happy to be living outside but she will get him to a home soon ❤️ Well done Georgia you’ve really gone above and beyond ❤️

The Perrera auction is going strong again this week and is still open for bids until 9pm tonight so don’t forget to have a look! Perrera Dogs UK SCIO Auction Group