WELL! Our supporters and team have done an amazing job so far with fundraising for our huge £20,000 goal. We recently hit a fantastic £5,750. Our next mini goal is £6,000 and we know we can do it! We will build this shelter brick by brick, £1 by £1.

Get in touch if you’d like to do some fundraising for us – a pub quiz, bake sale, sponsored walk etc. Or if you’d like to donate please do so here.


The recent import ban that’s been in place over the last few months has had a soul destroying impact on the team in Romania.

At the start of this year, we sent a large chunk of money to Delia and the team at Care for Dogs Romania, to help them complete their oldie’s shelter, you answered our call and the oldie’s have been enjoying their own space for a while now. This time, we’re here to do our biggest fundraiser… E V E R

The team in Romania are trying to house over 150 puppies right now and this number just keeps getting bigger the longer the UK importation ban runs. Delia has told us they need a whopping TWENTY THOUSAND POUNDS to build an entirely new section of the shelter dedicated specifically to puppies. The space they have set aside is vast, so the concrete alone will cost £10,000! The rest goes towards the actual kennel materials such as the cages, water drainage, heat sources, lighting etc.

Why do we need a separate space for puppies?

– The sheer number of puppies alone means space is getting less and less. When the space runs out, no more dogs can be rescued, which means that dogs and puppies will die.

– As the ban continues, the puppies are ageing, meaning they need to start being separated from mum (if there) and their littermates. NB: littermate syndrome occurs not only with genetically linked puppies but also with those in different litters of similar ages when raised together through their critical developmental stages.

– Puppies are at higher risk of developing diseases such as parvovirus which is life-threatening. Being in close contact with each other allows the disease to spread easier and results in higher infection rates and, subsequently, death.

We know this sounds mad, Delia did ask a larger known rescue to help before she came to us, but they haven’t. This is a mammoth ask for a rescue of our small size, but we’re ready for the challenge. Are you?!

Please join us in our quest for a whopping £20,000 to build the puppy kennels!

Thank you in advance for contributing to this cause, which means so much to all of us.

If you would like to do some fundraising of your own – check out our sponsorship forms and fundraising ideas here – Fundraising Pack

More information about Perrera Dogs UK SCIO:

We are a UK based, Scottish charity registered with OSCR who rehabilitate and re home street and shelter dogs from Romania and the UK. We provide foster assessment for each dog to ensure their perfectly matched home is found and we also contribute to the financing of materials, vet care, spay/neuter and foster (plus more!) to the rescues looking after the dogs in Romania.



This week at Perrera…

This week the team have :

Weekly Wrap Up

With the kids being off school I have been awful at updating you all I can only apologise! We have only had one application to be a fosterer in the last few weeks!

Unfortunately the one person who did pass our checks ,in the previous weeks, apparently wasn’t completely honest with their application and within 24 hours of having their first foster they informed us ‘he has to go and he has to go now’ After a manic night and morning the Perrera team got it sorted! Is it stressful at times being in the team? Absolutely! But it is so so worth it !!

We desperately need fosterers and moderators who will help share and post for us! If you have any spare time please just drop me a message !

Keanu is decompressing lovely in his foster home and is now beginning to ask for fusses thanks to Auntie Pollys patience ! Rubix is having the time of his life with his new human foster brother! Dahlia wore a harness for the first time🥰

Biscuit has been out and about making new friends and having a good chat about it when he’s home🤣 Zazu is convinced she is a massive lap dog and she will not be told otherwise. Tonto is loving toys these days and loves to throw them at Auntie Donna when he isn’t getting the attention he deserves.

Rufio is a regular celeb where he is in foster and will need introducing to everyone nearby his future adopter..thank you💚 Vimto is away on another uk break with her foster family and will now be used to this high life so her adopters need to provide regular trips away please! Wendy has been for a much needed groom and my word isn’t she even more beautiful now💜

I will get back to the usual updates this weekend hopefully!