Recently we learned of a young Border Collie who was put to sleep by their owner due to guarding issues. We have always been known to campaign for recognition of Rescue Back Up registration but during the past 3 years we have been involved in multiple meetings on the unnecessary euthanasia of all animals. The bottom line is, no healthy dog should ever be put to sleep. Ever.

That our current petition for a review of the euthanasia practices in the U.K. has been difficult to promote has surprised us as many of those who follow our campaign also own non rescue animals including ourselves.

Many of the animals we represent are not rescues. So please consider signing and sharing our petition for a review on euthanasia practices in the U.K. and stop the cycle that any unnecessary euthanasia is acceptable.


The black dog above was called Night. He was euthanised in June without our knowledge, consent or any justifiable reason. He was 3 years old and perfectly healthy. His adopter only told us afterwards and didn’t think she’d done anything wrong. To say we were devastated would be an understatement. We make it very clear that all Perrera dogs have full RBU (rescue back up) for life. Should you be unable to keep your dog we ALWAYS take them back. It doesn’t matter what they’ve done, how long it’s been, age, health, location, doesn’t matter. They will come back to us and be safe. Night’s death was a warning to us too. That people can abuse their power as guardians of a dog.

There are people all over the country working tirelessly to change the legislation surrounding euthanasia of animals, microchipping and rescue back up. For more specific information on these campaigns, visit TUK’S LAW.