Muzzle training

Even if you have the friendliest dog in the world, it’s always worth muzzle training because you never know if there’s a situation that they might need it. Getting hurt and needing to be poked and prodded at the vet for example.

The important thing about getting started with muzzle training is that the dog associates it with good things. We don’t want a dog feeling like the muzzle is a punishment because it’s not.

Start with desensitisation. Initially have the muzzle laying on the ground with treats surrounding it, then we move onto putting tasty stuff inside so your dog can pop its nose in and out at their own free will. Things like cream cheese or meat paste will mean your dog has its nose in there for longer periods of time.

Having it in a cup initially, then moving to you holding it gets you closer to the next step. Clipping it on and taking it off is next, gradually increasing the amount of time your dog has it on. Giving treats through the muzzle. The most important thing is that your dog has positive associations with the muzzle. So the more treats and rewards the better.