Trevor and Tye!

I had the best phone call last night…..Tye (was Tybalt) was my foster dog back in May and was adopted by the amazing Trevor. Tye is 6 years old and had spent almost 2 years in the shelter. In foster progress was slow, he was neck sensitive, lead sensitive, and scared of almost everything he’d never encountered before (most things!) Apart from loving humans and being a cuddle monster Tye was not going to be straightforward.Whilst all the pups and other dogs got heaps of applications, Tye only got one! Thankfully it was the only one we needed!So fast forward to last night, Trevor called me for an update. Day in and day out, Trevor had been putting Tye’s lead on only to sit in the back garden with him. Week after week and he’d got Tye through the front door and sitting in the front garden, Tye had no desire to go any further. Then suddenly Tye decided it was about time to be a brave boy and encounter the big wide world! Tye took Trevor for a walk!I can not express my joy at hearing this news, nor can I express my gratitude to Trevor, for the love and patience that he has given to Tye, for his persistence and belief in this amazing dog who had never loved or trusted or known what it felt like to have a family.Thank you Trevor! And Well done Tye!! 🥰

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