Become a Fosterer

Perrera Dogs are always looking for special people to join our team of fosterers.

Fostering is massively rewarding but hard work so please think about this before you apply.

Fosterers must have:-

•no kids under 8

•a secure private garden

•ability to separate from dogs/cats/kids

•all resident pets must be 1 year+ and neutered

Please note there is no option to adopt a foster dog so please don’t apply if you want to adopt. Fosterers provide all food, toys, leads etc but we cover any vet fees.Fostering is NOT a good idea to try having a dog. It is way more difficult to foster as you are doing the assessing (guided by us).

Polly’s experience:

I just wanted to share my experience of fostering fo those who might be considering it. I started fostering last October, my friend asked me if I could take an emergency case. The team sent me everything i would need and the lovely Reno arrived later that day, he stayed for a short time while the team arranged rehab for him. I’m now on foster number 13! Some have been big, some tiny, some puppies, some old chaps, some easy and some more challenging. Some have only stayed for days and others over a month. Each one is different.BUT….The one thing they all have in common is the incredible sense of joy they bring to my life. YES, you get close to them. YES, it’s hard to say goodbye and YES, I often cry when I go back inside my house as they go off to their forever homes.BUT…. There is SO MUCH celebration that they DO find their forever homes. These dogs are found on the streets, lost and abandoned. As a fosterer we bridge the gap between that life and the life we imagine all dogs deserve. IT HAS BEEN ONE OF THE MOST REWARDING THINGS I HAVE EVER DONE.

To apply to become a fosterer, please fill out this form.

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