Special Foster Homes Needed

Despite being inundated with offers to foster the pups, nobody has offered for any of the adult dogs so they all remain in kennels at a cost to the charity of Β£10 per day per dog.

We are disappointed by this but not surprised. Charlie, Nyx and Finnigan are very different dogs with different needs but they share one thing. They have all been let down by the people who were supposed to love them forever. So could anybody love one for a little while to help him find his forever home? These dogs have very specific needs hence being in kennels:

1. Charlie, age 4 neutered male golden coloured shepherd. Charlie is a resource guarder. He is crate, lead and muzzle trained. He REQUIRES his crate and his muzzle for walks and meeting new people. He can be fostered in an adult only home with no cats or small dogs. YORKSHIRE

2. Nyx, age 7 small-medium sized stumpy legged mixed breed. Nyx HATES the smell of alcohol due to previous bad experiences and cannot be around people who are drinking. He is crate and lead trained. He can be fostered in an adult only home with no dogs or cats. IPSWICH

3. Finnigan, age 2 medium sized collie mixed breed. Finnigan is STRONG for his small size and he is crate, lead and muzzle trained too. Finnigan REQUIRES his crate as his safe place. He can be fostered in an adult only home preferably with another dog and no cats. YORKSHIRE

Please note these dogs are in kennels. They do not require gardens. They have all been let down by their humans very badly and have quirks and baggage because of this. YES you can visit them before agreeing to foster – after successful homecheck. YES you may also be allowed to adopt them in January at our discretion. They are in kennels costing the charity Β£10/day each and we would be very grateful for suitable foster homes.

Click ‘apply to foster’ πŸ‘‡Linktr.ee/perreradogsuk